Troubleshooting an F1 Error in a Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

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Fisher & Paykel dishwashers don't look like standard dishwashers. Instead of a vertical unit that opens by dropping a single door down and pulling out the trays for loading, Fisher & Paykel dishwashers have drawers you open. Your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher might consist of one or two drawers, depending on the model you have. The company calls them DishDrawers instead of dishwashers.


F1 Fault Code

The F1 fault code indicates that water has filled the flood pan beneath the bottom drawer of the machine.


This can happen if the drawer isn't shut all the way, something tall prevents the unit from sealing properly during washing or the actuators have failed. Water in the drain pan can also be caused by a drain blockage, a clogged filter, a faulty lid seal or a leaking water-inlet valve.


Turn off the water supply immediately to the machine. Shut off power to the unit by unplugging it from the wall or flip the circuit breaker switch to the Off position.

Inspect the Drain Pan

To inspect the drain pan, pull out the bottom drawer until it stops. Depress the two square tabs on either side of the drawer right behind the front panel to continue removing the drawer as far out as you can, then lift the drawer up and out, tilting at a slight angle to remove it. Set an old towel in the drain pan to soak up the excess water. Verify the drain pan has no water and is completely dry before continuing; otherwise, the code will still come on.


Verify that the drain and fill lines are attached to the unit and they have no leaks and are not kinked. Replace any leaking drain or fill lines if leaks are discovered. Check the filter area to ensure it is not blocked. To clean the filter in the drawer complete the following:

Clean the Drain Filter

Step 1

Locate the drain-access filter panel on the bottom of the drawer.


Step 2

Remove the rack that sits above it.

Step 3

Pull up to lift the drain filter and remove it from the machine.

Step 4

Set the filter under the faucet to rinse it clean with cold water.


Step 5

Reinstall the filter and confirm that it sits flush with the bottom of the DishDrawer.

Test the Actuators

To verify the actuators don't need replacing, press and hold the Lock and Start buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Press the Power button, then press the Start button three times until the screen displays Ld. Press the Lock button again to activate the actuators. If the lid in the machine moves up and down with little to no effort, the actuators do not need replacing.



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