How to Do a Master Reset on a Frigidaire Gallery Series Dishwasher

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The Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher is part of a collection of appliances that the decades-old U.S. manufacturer makes for the kitchen in matching colors. The series includes cooktops, wall ovens and microwaves, freestanding ranges, refrigerators, freezers, disposers, hood vents, under-counter dishwashers and small appliances.

As with all appliances, the dishwasher may act up or not function properly at times, with problems including:

  • dishes are not clean
  • water is not hot
  • the machine fails to dry dishes
  • the dishwasher won't run
  • or the water doesn't drain, and more.

Typical Codes

Frigidaire Gallery dishwashers have either integrated controls -- a series of buttons and small LEDS that appear on the top edge of the door -- or a control panel on the front with a small digital status window. When the dishwasher experiences a failure, the LEDs on the integrated controls may stay on or the digital display may flash an error code:

  • i10 – not enough water in the machine
  • i20, i40, iFO – clogged filters or drain line plugs or pinches
  • i30 – water leak or overflow in bottom drain pan
  • i50 -- wash or drain motor problems
  • i60 – problem with the hot water
  • iC0 – electronic control board malfunction.

After correcting the problem, you will more than likely need to complete a master reset to clear the lights or codes. Simply press the Start-Cancel button. If that doesn't work, power down the machine by shutting off the circuit breaker in the home's main service panel or unplug the machine for a full five minutes.

If you fixed the problem that caused the issue, the error code should clear once you plug the dishwasher back in or flip the breaker to the On position. If that fails to clear the error code, run the machine through its internal diagnostic mode.

Diagnostic Mode

Press the High-Temp and Start-Cancel buttons on the dishwasher and hold them until the test begins. Release them if you see other indicators light up on the top edge door controls. For dishwashers equipped with a digital display, "01" should appear in the display window to indicate the test has begun.

Allow the dishwasher to work its way through its self-test of the various components such as the water fill, drain pump, wash motor, heating element and more. While it goes through these tests, you will hear the individual components activate. If there are no other problems with the dishwasher, it should reset itself at the end of its self-diagnosis.

If it fails to resets and an error code appears in the small window or LEDS stay on, you need to call a service technician unless you have experience repairing dishwashers and using a digital meter to check the electrical parts.

Laurie Brenner

Laurie Brenner

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