The Fastest Residential Dishwashers

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Dishwashers are getting faster all the time.
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Waiting for a dishwasher to provide you with a clean load of dishes doesn't have to take forever. There are modern dishwashers that have much quicker wash cycles than many older models. Most have adjustable settings so you can run your dishes through on a shorter cycle if speed is more important than a thorough clean. If you want clean dishes in the least amount of time possible, then a few models are worth investigating.

Siemens SpeedMatic

Siemens has a line of dishwashers designed specifically to provide customers with a fast washing time. The SpeedMatic dishwasher has a setting designed to complete a load in 29 minutes. To achieve the high wash speeds you need to use the 45-C program. The fast speed comes with a slight compromise in terms of cleaning efficiency. Siemens recommends that you run only a half load if you want perfectly clean dishes in the 29 minutes.

Bosch Speed Perfect

Bosch dishwashers that are equipped with the "Speed Perfect" system are much faster than older Bosch dishwashers. This is a special mode designed to wash the dishes in a much shorter time than the regular settings. The amount of time saved varies depending on the exact model, but Bosch promises time savings as great as 50 percent when dishes are washed on this setting. Putting a half load in can reduce times even more.

Arcelik 6271E

When the Arcelik dishwasher was released in 2006 the company touted it as the fastest dishwasher in the world. As of 2011, the dishwasher's quickest cycle is still one of the fastest around. When it's put on the "Super-Mini" cycle, the Arcelik dishwasher can clean six complete place settings in only 20 minutes. Twice as many dishes can also be cleaned in a cycle that completes in 58 minutes.

Professional Models

Homeowners can achieve faster wash times by installing a professional-grade dishwasher. This is something that people who like to cook a great deal or who live in very large households should consider. Once you enter the professional range of dishwashers in normal residential sizes, you have access to a number of appliances that can complete a load in much shorter times than the other available options. For example, Miele has a professional model, the G7856, that can clean dishes in 10 minutes.


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