GE Quiet Power 3 Instructions

The GE Quiet Power 3 is a type of dishwasher, which is manufactured by GE. This type of dishwasher is in the "Profile" series and may have a variety of model numbers. To use the dishwasher, you will first need to verify that the water, from the hot water heater, is hot enough. Prior to washing the dishes you may also need to add a rinse agent to the dishwasher, which will keep spots from forming.


Check Water Temperature

Step 1

Turn on the hot water valve on the sink in the kitchen.

Step 2

Allow the hot water to run and then place the candy or meat thermometer is the water.

Step 3

Verify that the temperature of the water is between 120 and 150 degrees.

Using Rinse Aid

Step 4

Open the door for the dishwasher and locate the rinse agent dispenser.

Step 5

Remove the cap and pour the rinse agent in the dispenser until it reaches bottom lip of the opening.

Step 6

Set the cap back in place. Press the center of the cap 2 or 3 times to see if the rinse agent flows to the corner of the cap.

Washing the Dishes

Step 7

Place the dishes in the dishwasher to fill the upper and lower racks.

Step 8

Close the door and then set the latch.

Step 9

Press the "Start/Reset" button to start the wash cycle. Water will begin filling the dishwasher for about 40 seconds before washing starts.