How to Clean a Frigidaire Dishwasher Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection

  • Frigidaire dishwasher

  • Sink

  • Fine-bristle brush

Your Frigidaire dishwasher will function better if you clean the filter often.

Frigidaire's line of home dishwasher appliances are equipped with filter assemblies that help remove particles of food from the dishwasher during operation. Proper removal of food and other solid waste from the dishwasher ensures your dishes are properly cleaned during their washing cycle. The entire filter assembly should be cleaned often to remove built-up solid waste that can impair the wash cycle's cleaning ability. These instructions will inform you how to properly clean your Frigidaire dishwasher filter after operation.


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Step 1

Access Frigidaire's customer support website by navigating to and clicking on "Customer Support" in the top margin. Once there, you can retrieve the user manual for your specific Frigidaire model by clicking "Guides/Manuals" under "Customer Help," entering your dishwasher's model number in the search field that appears and clicking "Search." Frigidaire's customer support website will provide you with a PDF file of that dishwasher's user manual. Use this manual to find specific instructions on how to remove and clean your dishwasher filter. The rest of these instructions will focus on how to clean a filter from a Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher, model number FMB330RGC.


Step 2

Open your dishwasher and remove the lower rack. Reach into the bottom of the dishwasher's interior and pull out the filter assembly. The filter assembly on the Frigidaire 18" Built In Dishwasher consists of three pieces: a main filter attached to a cup, which sits inside of a cylindrical fine filter. This can be removed by pulling upward on the sides of the main filter.

Step 3

Bring the filter assembly to your sink. Separate the parts and rinse each, using only warm water. Rinse thoroughly enough to remove all food particles. If necessary, use a fine-bristle brush to sweep away food particles that water alone won't remove.


Step 4

Reassemble the main filter by setting the cup back into the fine filter, with the main filter sitting on top. Set the filter assembly back in the bottom of your dishwasher. Ensure the filter assembly has been properly replaced by pressing down on the top of the filter assembly slightly.



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