How to Put Dish Detergent in a Dishwasher

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Things You'll Need

  • Automatic dishwasher detergent

  • Measuring spoon (if necessary)

Look for the words "automatic dishwasher detergent" on the container.

Don't confuse your dish detergents. Liquid dishwashing soap is for cleaning dishes that are hand-washed in the sink. Automatic dishwashing detergent, usually in liquid or powdered form, is specially designed for use in dishwashers. It is not a good idea to put dish soap into a dishwasher, as the detergent creates too many suds. The machine can start leaking water as the tub fills with bubbles, and the soap can leave a residue on the dishes. Using automatic dish detergent in a dishwasher is simple.


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Step 1

Measure the recommended amount of automatic dishwashing detergent, following the instructions on the container. Some brands come in small packets designed for individual use.

Step 2

Place the dish detergent into the dispenser, usually located on the inside of the dishwasher door. Wipe the detergent cup with a dry cloth first if it is wet or has residue.

Step 3

Close the dispenser lid firmly. Load the dishwasher, ensuring that items are not blocking the detergent cup.

Step 4

Select a wash and dry cycle and press or select "Start" to begin.



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