How to Reverse a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan With the Remote Control

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Hampton Bay ceiling fans are designed to circulate air within a room to help provide a more comfortable environment. The fans can rotate in either direction to circulate air in different patterns, producing either a cooling or warming effect. Some models of Hampton Bay fans use a remote control device that adjusts operating times, temperatures, speed and rotation direction. Changing the direction of a remotely controlled Hampton Bay fan is a simple procedure that takes just seconds to accomplish.


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Step 1

Turn the fan on by pressing the "auto" button or the "lo," "med" or "hi" buttons on the remote control, depending on the type of unit.

Step 2

Press the button marked "reverse" or "for/rev" on the remote control to reverse the rotation of the fan.

Step 3

Set the rotation to a counterclockwise rotation in warm weather for a cooling effect or a clockwise rotation in cooler weather for a warming effect.