How to Troubleshoot Ruud Air Conditioners

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Air conditioning is a wonderful thing when it is working. Ruud air-conditioning systems are developed with energy efficiency in mind and should last many years. The units are housed in a strong steel casing and built with special metals to deter corrosion. Ruud units have motors built specifically for quiet, more effective functions. With all of these technical advantages, however, there still may come a time when you may have to troubleshoot your Ruud air conditioner for problems.


Step 1

Check the power supply to the unit. Look closely to verify that the wires entering the unit do not show signs of wear or damage.

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Step 2

Check the thermostat on the machine to make sure it is set at a temperature low enough for the unit to kick on. Turn the thermostat off, then on. Check the fan switch, too. If the fan runs but the unit does not cool, you need a new thermostat.


Step 3

Turn off the power to the external unit and open the door to feel the compressor. If it is hot, it may have been overloaded. Leave the system off until the compressor feels cool again and then restart the system. If the compressor starts up and the fan runs but the system still does not cool, the compressor probably needs to be replaced.

Step 4

Feel the pipes to assess the cooling fluid in the system. They should feel full and should be cool to the touch. If not, the system is low on refrigerant. The fluids must refilled by a qualified technician.


Step 5

Remove the outer cover of the compressor and inspect the terminals. If they appear worn or have black markings, the unit may not be receiving proper charge.

Step 6

Listen to the fan. If it sounds sluggish or seems to have trouble spinning, it could be clogged and in need of a cleaning.

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