How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Affinity Washer

Affinity washing machines are manufactured by Frigidaire. These front-loading washing machines are high-efficiency washers. Defective parts are replaced free of charge during the first year of ownership if the appliance is used for normal household purposes. After the warranty expires, attempt to determine the source of a problem through troubleshooting before you call for service. Some repairs can be performed without the help of a service technician.


Step 1

Stop the washing machine if rattling or clanking sounds occur. Open the door and remove loose coins or other objects found inside the drum. Determine whether clothing items in the washer have metal fasteners. Restart the washer. If the noise continues, an object may have gotten into the pump. Call for service.

Step 2

Redistribute the load if you hear a thumping sound. Stop the cycle and move the clothing around. It is normal for large loads to make a thumping sound.

Step 3

Level the washer if the machine vibrates. Place a level on top of the washer. Turn the leveling legs on the bottom of the washer clockwise and/or counter-clockwise until it is level.

Does Not Start

Step 4

Plug the power cord in and check household fuses or breakers. Push the switches on thrown breakers to place them in the "On" position. Unscrew and remove cloudy or black fuses and replace with new fuses.

Step 5

Turn the water supply faucets on completely. Turn the knobs counter-clockwise to open them fully.

Step 6

Wait for the washer to cool down. The motor may have overheated. If the washer does not start after 30 minutes, call for service.

Won’t Spin or Load Too Wet After Spinning

Step 7

Add more clothing to small loads. The washer will not spin if the load is too small.

Step 8

Remove some items from large loads if clothing is too wet after spinning. Restart the spin cycle.

Step 9

Balance the load so that proper spinning occurs. The washer will not spin correctly if the load is unbalanced.

Step 10

Remove kinks in the drain hose that prevent the washer from draining if water is not removed during spinning.

Does Not Fill With Water

Step 11

Check the water pressure at a nearby faucet. Turn the faucet on and wait until the water pressure increases. Turn the faucet off and restart the washer.

Step 12

Turn the water supply faucets counter-clockwise to turn them on fully. The water supply faucets should be on fully to provide adequate water pressure for filling the washer.

Step 13

Allow the washer to fill when water is not being used in other areas of the home. Turn off all other water faucets in the house. Running water in other places inside the home decreases water pressure.