How to Unclog a Coffee Maker

Ever had one of those mornings where you really need a cup of coffee but the machine seems to be brewing with the speed of a wounded snail? Or worse, you fill the reservoir and it drips over the sides. It could be that your coffeemaker is clogged. Follow these simple tips for unclogging a coffee maker and you can enjoy a tasty cup of coffee in no time.

Plan a weekly maintence of your coffee maker

Step 1

Clean out the coffee maker. Start by filling up the coffee maker’s water reservoir up to the top with 1 cup of white vinegar and water. Then run the coffee maker as you normally would, after the process is complete, dump the coffee pot out. Repeat the same process again a few times with just plain water to flush out the vinegar.

Step 2

Check the drain hole in the water tank. If the coffee maker still seems clogged, then you need to check the drain hole in the water tank. If it's clogged, poke it open with a thin wire or toothpick. If the bimetallic bar under the drain hole is corroded or broken, replace the water tank with a duplicate from the manufacturer.

Step 3

Check the spout. Spout clean and still no drip from your pump valve coffee maker? Mineral deposits may be clogging the valve. Unplug the machine, unscrew the baseplate and remove the rubber elbow from the reservoir.

Step 4

Clean the rubber elbow from the reservoir. Remove the valve and scrub it in detergent and warm water. Replace it; it should now move up and down freely.

Step 5

Repairing percolators and urns. If you get hot water, not coffee, from a percolator, check that the tube is firmly seated in the center well. Try brewing another potful. If you again get only hot water, replace the tube with a duplicate from an appliance dealer. Water leaking from around the faucet of a large coffee urn? Remove the nut holding the faucet, pull the faucet out of the hole, reverse the washer, and replace it on the faucet. Reinstall the faucet and tighten the nut. If reversing the washer doesn't stop the leak, you'll have to replace the washer.

Step 6

Make unclogging routine. Performing a cleaning on a regular basis keeps the buildup of mineral deposits in the machine. It will prolong the life of the coffee maker and your coffee will taste better.

Richard Sweeney

Richard Sweeney is a former educator and now freelance writer living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He has been writing since 1995 publishing articles in national publications such as "Men's Outlook Journal" and "Travel". Sweeney left the education profession in 2007 but likes to remain knowledgeable about current policies and teaching techniques.