How to Clean a Friedrich Air Cleaner Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum

  • Dishwasher

  • Large containers (optional)

  • Water

  • Mild detergent or allergen-reducing cleaner

  • Grease and/or smoke remover (optional)

  • Gloves


If the ionizer wires become dirty, wet a cotton ball with water and use it to clean the wires.


Always wear gloves when removing/cleaning the dirty electronic cell and pre-filter. Both could cause an allergic reaction from exposure to dust and other particles; the electronic cell also has sharp edges that can cut flesh.

Friedrich, based in San Antonio, Texas, produces a wide variety of home/business consumer appliance products including filtered air conditioners and purifiers. Friedrich Air Cleaners use a three-filter system consisting of a pre-filter, electronic cell with collector plates and an activated carbon post-filter to remove dust, grease, smoke or other particles and odors from the air. Whether you own the C-90A or C-90B model, Friedrich has designed the Air Cleaner series for easy filter removal, cleaning and/or replacement.


Step 1

Clean your Friedrich Air Cleaner filters at least once a week. If it is used in a high traffic or dusty/smoky areas or continuously, check the filters daily and clean as necessary as dirty filters can block airflow or allow too much accumulation of particles in the unit resulting in poor air purification. In addition, dirty filters can cause inefficient power distribution in the electronic cell reducing the charge to the collector plates allowing particles to pass through and out of the unit without collection.


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Step 2

Unplug the unit from the wall socket.

Step 3

Remove the top cover off the unit to pull out the electronic cell and pre-filter.

Step 4

Vacuum the electronic cell and pre-filter. Set them aside. Vacuum the interior of the unit. Remove and vacuum the carbon filter. Carbon filters lose odor absorption after approximately three to six months; remove and throw away the carbon filter if you notice any smells on the out-flowing air when it is in use.


Step 5

Wash the electronic cell in a dishwasher or carefully in a large container of a hot water (150 to 170 degrees F) and mild detergent or allergen-reducing cleaner. If you're cleaning in a container, soak the cell at least 15 minutes. Shake the container slightly from side-to-side approximately every three minutes to dislodge any particles/debris. Rinse the pre-filter under hot running water and then wash it with detergent or cleaner. For grease or smoke in/on the filter, use a grease and/or smoke remover.


Step 6

Rinse the electronic cell by placing it in another large container of hot water and allowing it to soak for at least 10 minutes. Rinse it and the pre-filter under clean hot running water afterward to remove any remaining dirt or detergent/cleaner residue.

Step 7

Set the cell and pre-filter aside to air-dry. Replace the carbon filter, if necessary, while waiting for the cell and pre-filter to dry.


Step 8

Reassemble the unit after the cell/pre-filter dry completely. Re-position your unit in a room. Place the unit at least 8 inches from any wall so that the rear intake grille has adequate airflow (unblocked).