How to Clean Pre Filter Honeywell Air Cleaners

Some Honeywell air cleaners have four filters. They can include a Stage 1, washable pre-filter; a Stage 2, odor lock carbon filter; a Stage 3 99 percent HEPA filter with antimicrobial treatment; and a Stage 4 electronic ionizer. The Stage 1 Honeywell air filter pre-filter helps pick up large airborne particles that come in through the front grille. A red LED light will come on when it's time to change or wash the filters.

Step 1

Turn the air cleaner off, and remove the Stage 1 washable particle pre-filter. The filters are behind the front grille of the Honeywell air cleaner.

Step 2

Take the pre-filter outside and shake it. Examine the pre-filter to determine if by shaking it you have cleaned it. If there is still dirt and dust on it, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Wash the pre-filter by hand under warm water.

Step 4

Allow the pre-filter to dry and re-insert it.