Why Does a Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner Unit Make a Beeping Noise?

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Beeping sounds are normal during the operation of your Frigidaire window air conditioner, as the appliance changes cycles and settings periodically to maintain your room's temperature. If a continuous beep occurs while running the air conditioner it may be a problem with the appliance rather than a common sound, and requires professional repair to resolve the issue.

Water Drippage

Water drips outside of the air conditioner while the appliance is running, and runs on the condenser to create a pinging noise. The pinging noise may be confused with a beeping sound, and is a normal sound that cannot be eliminated.

Remote Control

The air conditioner's remote controls the cycle and temperature settings, and beeps when the signal is established or disconnected. A beep after three minutes of remote inactivity indicates the remote is no longer actively controlling the air conditioner, and beeps again once a button is pressed on the remote.

Faulty Sensor

The sensor in the air conditioner regulates the appliance's thermostat setting, and may be defective if the air conditioner beeps during use. An error message appears below "Temp/Timer" when a problem is detected and simultaneously beeps depending on the error. Contact Frigidaire customer service at (800) 944-9044 to schedule a service appointment.


The high-efficiency compressor makes an audible, high-pitched noise while the air conditioner is in use and can be confused with a beeping sound. Older air conditioners do not have a high-efficiency compressor, but newer Frigidaire models include a powerful compressor to provide cooler air that emits noises near the front of the appliance.


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