Why Does the Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Turn Itself Off?

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A Sharp portable air conditioner offers a convenient way to stay cool since you can move it around and use it in any room. Every now and then, you might experience an issue with the unit suddenly shutting off. In some cases, it's the normal cycling of the portable air conditioner that causes it to stop running temporarily. Other times it can indicate a problem with the unit or the power source. The cause of the power loss can be remedied with basic troubleshooting and maintenance.



A Sharp portable air conditioner can shut off on its own due to a tripped breaker or a bad power connection. Lack of airflow, a full water tank or reaching the set temperature can also cause it to stop.

Tripped Breaker in the Home

If the Sharp air conditioner suddenly loses power, the breaker might have been tripped due to a power surge, lightning strike or too much running on the circuit. Open the breaker box inside of your home and examine the breaker that is connected to the portion of the home that supports your AC's electrical connection. If the AC breaker switch is in between "Off" and "On" or completely "Off," flip the switch over to "On." Allow three minutes to pass before you turn the AC back on.


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Three-Minute Rule

Sharp portable air conditioners have a safety measure that might keep the compressor from turning on for three minutes after it's shut off. This can happen if you shut off the air conditioner and try to turn it back on immediately. It can also happen if the unit shuts off due to a power supply issue. If you try to turn it back on right away, it might fail to start. Wait five minutes before trying to turn the air conditioner back on.


Full Water Tank

If the unit shuts off suddenly, observe the indicator lights on the Sharp. If the "Operation," "Timer" and "Mega Cool" indicator lights are flashing, the internal water tank is full and requires draining before the unit will turn back on.


Unplug the power cord for safety. Pick up the portable AC, and move it to a drainage area or outside. On the side of the unit is a stopcock. Pull the stopcock out of the drainpipe, and allow the water to drain out from the Sharp. When the water is fully drained, push the stopcock back into place, plug the unit back in and turn it on.

Bad Power Connection

Unplug the power cord from its designated outlet to reset the connection. The power cord might not be firmly plugged in, thus causing random power outages. Plug a separate device into the outlet to ensure that the outlet is working correctly. Look the power cord over to confirm that it's intact with no dents or holes. If the power cord is damaged, replace it immediately as it's likely the reason the unit loses power suddenly, plus it's a safety hazard.


Reaching Set Temperature

When you turn on your portable air conditioner, you set a desired temperature. If the room cools down to below that set temperature, the portable air conditioner will often shut off automatically. This is normal portable air conditioner operation and doesn't indicate a problem with the unit. If the room doesn't feel cool enough to you when the unit shuts off, you can adjust the temperature setting to a lower setting to force the air conditioner to turn on again.


Lack of Airflow

Your Sharp portable air conditioner needs sufficient airflow to work properly. If it doesn't have the airflow, it can cause the compressor to overheat due to working too hard. If the compressor gets hot enough, it can shut down until it cools down. Check the venting to make sure it's set up correctly. Make sure the hose is straight without any kinks or blockages to ensure the unit gets adequate airflow, or replace the exhaust hose if it's not in good condition.




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