How to Set the Temperature on Luxpro Air Conditioners

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LuxPro thermostats control both heating and cooling systems, so you need to set the thermostat to its cooling mode to change your air conditioner settings. The models also have varying instructions for changing air conditioner temperatures. Some come with simple arrow buttons that you can press to adjust the temperature, while others have sophisticated touch screens. Once you figure out the type of Luxpro air conditioner thermostat you have, changing the temperature is easy.


Step 1

Open the flap at the front of the thermostat, located below the screen on the Pro-Fit and some Deluxe Programmable Thermostats models. Set the switch inside to the "Cool" position. Digital Thermostat and Mechanical models with no flap have this switch along the side of the bottom edge of the thermostat.

Step 2

Look for arrow buttons on your thermostat. The Pro-Fit, non-touch-screen Deluxe Programmable and Digital thermostat models have either "Up" and "Down" buttons or "Left" and "Right" buttons. Press the "Up" or "Right" button to increase the temperature of your air conditioner or press the "Down" or "Left" button to decrease the temperature. If your thermostat has no arrow buttons, then it is either a Mechanical or a touch-screen Deluxe Programmable thermostat.


Step 3

Locate the toggle switch, which is usually placed along the top edge of a Mechanical thermostat. Toggle the switch of your Mechanical thermostat until the indicator adjusts to the temperature you want. If your thermostat does not have arrows or a toggle switch, then you have a Deluxe Programmable thermostat with a touch screen.

Step 4

Touch the temperature display of your touch-screen, Deluxe Programmable thermostat. The screen will show up and down arrows by the temperature display. Tap the up arrow to increase the temperature or the down arrow to lower the temperature.



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