How to Care for an LG Air Conditioner

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If you own an LG air conditioner, there are basic care steps you should take regularly to keep it functioning at its best. The premise of an air conditioner is basic: air needs to flow through it for it to work its magic. However, if you have clogged air filters or other hindrances, it could lead to worse problems than just impeding the airflow. A clean air conditioner is important for the health of everyone in your household.


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For large, business-model air conditioners, LG recommends professional maintenance. For window-mounted or through-the-wall machines as well as portable air conditioners, there's a lot of DIY maintenance a homeowner can undertake to keep the air conditioning unit working optimally. Always unplug the machine before attempting any kind of maintenance.

Cleaning the Air Filter

From small, single-room units of 5,000 BTUs all the way up to 24,500 BTU models, LG air conditioners are popular for their slide-out washable filters. How often you should clean your air filter depends on many factors. Is your area dusty, do you have pets and do you run the machine constantly? The more you use it, the more often you should clean it. LG recommends that you check your air filter twice a month to see if it requires cleaning.


Depending on the model, remove the front grille. Window and wall units will usually just have one filter, whereas portable units may have an upper and lower filter. Whatever the case, remove the grille and then slide the filter up and out. Vacuuming a filter can remove larger debris and can be a stop-gap cleaning method until you have a little more time for an in-depth cleaning.

Wash the filters in lukewarm, soapy water or a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water for heavier jobs. Do not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Your bathtub is a handy way to get the filters clean, especially if you'd like to soak them a bit before wiping them down with a damp, soft cloth. Never put a damp filter back into the machine. Gently shake the excess water off it and allow it to dry while you perform the rest of the maintenance.


Cleaning Portable Air Conditioners

Today's portable air conditioners are terrific for renters or families who need flexible cooling options. For portable LG air conditioners, there's often an auto-cleaning option. Simply run the machine in cool, dry, heat or energy-saver mode and then press "auto clean." Turn off the machine and it will run exhaust and circulation fans for a few minutes. Never spray water on any part of a portable unit other than on a filter removed from the housing.


Cleaning Wall and Window Units

With wall and window machines, there are evaporator coils on the inside of the unit and behind the grille, and there are condenser coils on the outside back of the machine. Dust, hair and debris can dramatically affect the performance of these coils.


If your machine was running before you started the cleaning process, you'll need to run it in fan mode for about an hour in order to dry any moisture before you can clean the evaporator coils. For either set of coils, thoroughly vacuum any debris off them using the brush attachment.

For the outside/condenser coils on window or wall units, if there is a lot of dirt and debris on them, you can lightly brush them to loosen the dirt. If you like, you can also trickle water from a garden hose over them but do not spray; just let the water drop from the hose to remove the debris.


Keeping Your Air Conditioner Attractive

Whatever LG air conditioner you own, don't use harsh cleaning agents on the outside housing. Always use a soft cloth and warm, sudsy water for wiping down the machine. It can be a hassle to do these things, but staying on top of the DIY maintenance can save you money this summer. With proper maintenance, you'll keep your machine attractive and functioning well for years to come.



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