How to Kill Water Grass Weeds

Water grass is a name often used to reference crabgrass. This type of weed is an annual and will come back year after year. Water grass invades wet lawns and continues to take over the landscape if it is not properly treated and killed. The weeds may be pulled manually or killed with a selective weed killer spray. Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands when removing water grass weeds.

Get rid of water grass weeds with a weed puller or selective weed killer spray.

Step 1

Slice the water grass at the root using a v-shaped weeding tool. Place the tool into the soil and push down and into the root.

Step 2

Pull up the weed with the tool and discard it.

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to remove each water grass plant individually.

Step 4

Spray the weeds with a selective crabgrass weed killer. These weed killers can be found at most hardware and home and garden stores. A selective weed killer is formulated to only kill the desired weed and not the surrounding grass.