What Do Curled Leaves on a Fig Tree Mean?

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Fig trees are popular additions to yards that can provide the warm, welcoming conditions the plants require. Like any growing thing, however, fig trees can fall prey to pests, disease and lack of care, which can cause their leaves to curl and die.


Fig trees can grow to be up to 50 feet tall, and have branches that spread wider than the tree is tall. Leaves are generally bright green and large, with a hairy surface.


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Fig trees need full sunlight and plenty of warmth. They are cold sensitive and require protection from wind. They also need a loamy soil and frequent watering. Lack of moisture causes a fig's leaves to yellow, curl and drop off.

Leaf Curl

Leaf curl in figs is caused by lack of moisture or Taphrina deformans, a fungus that curls the leaves of peach, nectarine, almond, fig and other ornamental fruit trees.


Treating Leaf Curl

Leaf curl is most often treated with a fungicide that targets the specific fungus on the trees. The fungicide is applied in autumn, after the damaged leaves have fallen off.


Fig wood is very weak, and is prone to decay if it doesn't receive proper care. Fig sap can irritate human skin.



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