What Will Kill Carpet Grass?

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Carpet grass is a warm-season perennial grass that grows well in areas where other types of grass will not grow. It does best in damp, sandy soil and is traditionally found in tropical climates. Carpet grass can crowd out Bermuda grass and weeds. Although it withstands high foot and pet traffic, it is not drought tolerant and can be invasive. Carpet grass is not particularly attractive, and many homeowners attempt to kill it before it takes over their lawn.


Hot, Dry Conditions

Mother nature can help those living in hot climates kill carpet grass. According to Clemson University, carpet grass will not survive in very dry soil. If you wish to get rid of carpet grass, your best bet might be to wait until the hot summer months. Do not water the carpet grass, and it should whither and die. Once the carpet grass turns brown, remove it from your lawn using a rake. This will prevent it from growing back from any seed that could have been left behind.

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Eco-Friendly Methods to Kill Carpetgrass

Carpet grass does not tolerate salt. A safe and eco-friendly way to kill carpet grass is through the use of saltwater. Fill a 7-gallon tub with rain water, tap water or water from your water softener. Pour 2 cups of salt into the water and allow it to dissolve completely. Complete dissolution may take a couple of days, so be patient. Once all the salt is dissolved, place some of the saltwater in a watering can and water the carpet grass you want to kill. Since the roots are shallow, you won't need much water for this method to work. Make sure you plan this around the weather. Rain can wash away the salt water, rendering your efforts useless.


Undiluted vinegar is often used to kill grass and weeds that grow between cracks in concrete. If you have a small patch of carpet grass that you want to kill before it invades your other grass, douse it with undiluted white vinegar. Vinegar also kills other types of grass, so be very careful that you do not get any of it on the grass you don't want to kill.

Arm and Hammer and Soap Paste

Arm and Hammer and soap mixed to a paste will kill carpet grass, and carpet grass only. This is one of the best methods of killing carpet grass if it coexists with another type of grass that you don't want to kill. This may not be the best method to use if you have small children or pets that will roam the affected area. Although Arm and Hammer and soap aren't toxic, they can still make your children and pets ill.


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