Essential Oils to Get Rid of Bugs on House Plants

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Essential oils help protect plants from insects and provide added benefits to you.

Insects are helpful to nature in many ways, such as eating other insects and pollinating flowers. However, insects can also eat and destroy your houseplants. Commercial pesticides are expensive and add toxic chemicals to your home. Luckily, you can use various essential oils to keep insects away.


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Mint essential oils, such as peppermint and spearmint, are effective deterrents for many varieties of insects. It is one of the most effective essential oils and repels most insects. A few drops of peppermint oil can discourage ants, aphids, beetles, fleas, flies, gnats, lice, mosquitoes and moths. Spearmint is also effective against aphids. Both mints are helpful at revitalizing a tired mind. Mint also helps to relieve the pain of headaches and even migraines.


Lemongrass is a grass found primarily in India, often used for foods and perfumes. The essential oil is effective against a few biting insects. The oil repels both ticks and mosquitoes. However, lemongrass is extremely aromatic in its natural form, so the essential oil form will be even more concentrated. You should be aware of the aroma before using it. It smells sweet and lemony. Aside from repelling insects, it helps headaches and relieves stress, an added benefit to using the oil in your home.


Cedar Wood

Cedar wood oils are from cedar trees. The aroma is woody and very similar to that of a pencil. It is an effective oil against aphids, slugs and weevils. An added benefit to using cedar oil is the clean smell has a calming effect, helpful for relieving stress and tension.


Certain herb-based oils, such as sage and thyme can get rid of insects as well. Sage oil, with a strong herbal smell, is effective against cutworms, flies and ticks. The oil can help counteract the effects of grief and depression. It also makes the senses more alert.


Thyme is another common herb-based oil. It also has a strong herbal smell with a sweet undertone. Thyme combats beetles and ticks. Thyme oil also aids in memory and concentration, making it a helpful aroma to have in your home.



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