How to Get Rid of Flying Beetles All Over My Yard

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Get rid of flying beetles with beetle traps.

Flying beetles are a common pest that attacks the lawn. Many homeowners are left to dodge the annoying insects while trying to enjoy your outdoor space. Luckily, the beetles are a harmless nuisance. The beetles often gather on and around rose bushes and similar flowering bushes. They can be removed easily using one of several low-cost methods.


Step 1

Fill a quart jar halfway with water and add a squirt of dish soap to the jar. Hold the jar under the branches of any plants or bushes the beetles are resting on and tap the branches. Many of the beetles will fall into the jar, and the dish soap will trap and smother the beetles.

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Step 2

Collect the beetles using a hand held vacuum cleaner. Suck the beetles from wherever they are resting with the vacuum, then open the vacuum and them into the jar of soapy water.


Step 3

Hang beetle traps around the lawn. These traps are available at most home improvement stores. The traps contain a sack filled with a beetle attractant. The beetles will enter and become trapped inside. Throw away the traps when they are full of beetles.

Step 4

Use an insecticidal soap on all rose bushes and similar flowering bushes where the flying beetles tend to spend time. Spray a coating onto your bushes, and the soap will kill the beetles.



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