Lemon Juice as a Mosquito Repellent

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Lemon juice is not the most effective repellent for mosquitoes.

Many people would rather use a natural substance than a chemical on their skin while warding off mosquitoes on a camping trip or even in the backyard. Unfortunately, lemon juice has no effect as a mosquito repellent.


You may see mosquito products listing lemon eucalyptus oil or lemongrass oil. While these two oils are effective for warding off mosquitoes, neither of them contains lemon juice.


Thai lemongrass contains citronella, a substance that has a lemony scent and repels mosquitoes. Many all-natural mosquito repellents contain citronella as well as lemon eucalyptus oil, but no lemon juice.


Although ineffective against mosquitoes, lemon juice and lemon peel can ward off other unwanted insects. Ants, fleas and moths dislike lemon juice and will stay away from it.


David Harris

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