How to Get Rid of White Bugs on Green Plants

Mealy bugs, also known as woolly aphids, are little, white insects that can suck the nutrients from your indoor and outdoor plants. A waxy coating on the mealy bug body makes killing them more difficult. If not treated, mealy bugs can destroy your plant and your entire garden. You can eradicate mealy bugs with pesticides sold at garden centers. Home remedies can do the job without harsh chemicals.


Blast your plants with water. If your houseplants are infested with mealy bugs, take them outside. Turn your water hose on and spray the plants at full power. The water will knock the mealy bugs off and greatly lower their population.

Mix one pint of warm water with one tbsp. of dishwashing liquid. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and coat the plants with the mixture. The dishwashing liquid will break the waxy coating of the mealy bugs and kill them.

Spray a mixture of jalapeno juice or Tabasco sauce with hot water and cayenne pepper onto the plants. Be sure to coat both the top and the bottom of the leaves, as well as the stems.

Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and add one-half tsp. of dishwashing liquid. Blend well and spray the plants. The dishwashing liquid will dissolve the waxy coating, allowing the rubbing alcohol to penetrate their skin and kill them.