How to Keep Water Moccasins Away

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Protect your home and loved ones from poisonous water moccasins.

Water moccasins are poisonous snakes that can be found in and around bodies of water, particularly in areas with a warm climate. If you live near a pond, lake or river and are concerned about these snakes invading your property and posing a danger to your family, you can protect your home by using a snake repellent in your yard and around your property.


Step 1

Mow your lawn. Snakes such as water moccasins prefer high-grassed areas, so keeping your lawn cut and maintained will help deter them.

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Step 2

Start by lightly sprinkling the snake repellent granules over the surface area of your yard, taking care to avoid garden areas.


Step 3

Create a perimeter around your yard by spreading an additional helping of snake repellent around the boundaries of your property.

Step 4

Repeat every two months, or when the smell of the snake repellent begins to fade. You may need to reapply after particularly heavy rains.

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