How to Get Rid of Asian Beetles in the House

Asian beetles are also known as lady bugs and lady beetles. Asian beetles are not destructive and are great for gardens as they eat destructive insects. They congregate during late fall and can be seen in groups on the sides of homes and buildings that are near many trees. Asian beetles prefer lighter colored homes that receive plenty of sun. They may search for a way inside the home to hibernate during the cold months and crawl about as it begins to get warm again.

Asian beetles are tree dwellers.

Step 1

Inspect your home for cracks and crevices on the outside. Asian beetles make their way into a home through openings. Repair any cracks on the outside of your home with caulking or cement. Caulk any cracks in window sills and door frames.

Step 2

Seal up other openings that Asian beetles are able to get in through. Openings caused by cable wires, phone lines or pipes should be sealed tightly as possible.

Step 3

Place screens on all the windows in the home. Asian beetles may be able to work their way through the smallest opening in your window. Screens eliminate any opening around the circumference of the window for the beetles to get through. If you already have screens on every window, check them for any rips or holes and replace them if they have any.

Step 4

Use a repellent on the outside, around the foundation of your home to prevent Asian beetles from coming inside. Treat the foundation during late September or early October to keep Asian beetles away. You can find a repellent in the feed supply store such as food-grade diatomaceous earth. This product will kill fleas and ticks as well.

Step 5

Vacuum the Asian beetles. You can either vacuum them up and dump out the vacuum bag, killing them or you can set them back outside by using a nylon stocking. Place the nylon stocking over the entrance of a hand vacuum. The stocking will not harm them. Once the Asian beetles are sucked up into the stocking, take them outside and set them free.