How to Tell a Mole Hole From a Chipmunk Hole

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You may find a chipmunk hole hidden behind rocks in your yard.

Holes that suddenly appear in your yard can do significant damage to plants and flowers you are trying to grow. The holes can be different sizes and some holes are surrounded by dirt. To combat the problem, you need to find out what animal you are dealing with. Moles and chipmunks frequently make holes to reside in. Take a closer look at the hole and know what to look for to identify the unwanted visitor.

Step 1

Estimate the size of the hole. Both chipmunk and mole holes are approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Step 2

Look at the surroundings of the opening. If the hole opening is clean with little to no dirt around it, you're most likely dealing with a chipmunk. If there is a dirt hill visible that is between 4 to 9 inches in height and shaped like a cone, you may have a mole visitor.

Step 3

Examine the location of the hole. If the hole is in a rock garden, near stone walls, under a log pile or in areas with heavy ground cover, it may be that of a chipmunk. If the hole is located near a stream or lake and the soil is damp with nearby grass cover, you may be dealing with a mole.

Step 4

Examine if there are visible burrows running through your yard. If so, you may be dealing with a mole, because moles dig their tunnels close to the surface when they search for food.

Step 5

Observe the hole during daytime. If you are dealing with a chipmunk, it is very likely you may see the animal go in and out of the hole. Because moles are nocturnal, you don't see them during daytime and they are hard to spot at nighttime.


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