What Is the Solution for Epson Salt to Kill Weeds?

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Natural weedkillers contain no toxins.

Available over the counter from drugstores and grocery stores, Epsom salt is often used to treat aches, pains and swollen joints. The product is also a strong weedkiller, especially when combined with other readily available ingredients.


Epsom salt serves as a weedkiller in two ways. One mixture is a few tablespoons of Epsom salts mixed with warm water. The other mixture calls for 1 tbsp. of Epsom salt, 1 gallon of vinegar and a small amount of dish soap.


To use the mixture as a weedkiller, apply directly to the weeds. Use a spray bottle to accurately spray the weeds without affecting any nearby plants, trees or flowers.


Epsom salts and water function best as a pesticide to kill bugs and other pests on your plants. The solution may not work on weeds and can actually make the weeds grow faster because of the nutrients in the salt.


Jennifer Eblin

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