Grubs are underdeveloped beetles, appearing as C-shaped larvae generally found below surface soil. According to About Eating, Japanese Beetles, May or June Beetles, Masked Chafers, and Asiatic Garden Beetles are prime examples of beetles that infest many gardens, home lawns and outdoor turfs. There are many ways to treat and prevent grub infestations, but if you are seeking an instant solution, purchasing a fast-acting killing pesticide is the way to go.

Kill grubs instantly with Trichlorfor insecticide.

Step 1

Take corrective measures to ensure a healthy lawn. Cut down all weeds to reduce fewer insect and grub infestation. Irrigate the lawn during early summer season when needed by conducting a thorough deep soaking, allowing the lawn to dry out before watering again. Seasonal irrigation can lower high moisture levels which beetle eggs thrive on.

Step 2

Invest in a grub-specific pesticide, preferably an instant grub killing pesticide like trichlorfon, at your local lawn and garden store.

Step 3

Locate the area of infestation on the lawn or turf; grub damage generally shows up on turfs with drought stress, appearing off-color and wilted in large area patches. On turf, look for areas that feel spongy and rolled back, resembling loose carpet.

Step 4

Treat an effected area with trichlorfon, an insecticide used to kill grubs instantly. On turf, peel the infested area back. Mix the required quantities of trichlorforn with water and as directed on product label. Stir well with a wooden stick.

Step 5

Make sure grubs are present in order to commence treatment. For best results, pour the mixture into a spray bottle that is attached to a calibrated nozzle. Spray the back of the turf area, or saturate lawn directly where grubs are visible. On lawn areas, cover the infested area uniformly, spraying over grubs twice. Spray the infested area at weekly intervals or sooner if it rains, until grubs have disappeared and/or brought under control.