How to Adjust the Drive Cable on a Toro Self-Propel Mower

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The Toro self-propelled lawn mower combines the function of a manual push mower, and the convenience of a motorized drive system. The operator can push the mower at a comfortable speed, and the self-propelled drive will provide power to the wheels to match the same speed. The self-propel drive is operated by a cable that attaches to a lever on the mower handle. If the drive cable becomes loose, you may need to adjust the cable to ensure proper operation of the drive system.


Step 1

Turn off the mower. Locate the self-propelled drive cable support bracket. It is mounted on the mower handle near the deck.

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Step 2

Loosen the cable support nut, using an adjustable wrench. Turn the nut counter-clockwise until it is loose.

Step 3

Pull down on the cable with your fingers, toward the mower deck. When the cable is tight, tighten the cable support nut, using an adjustable wrench. Turn the nut clockwise and tighten securely.

Step 4

Start the mower to test the self-propel function. If the self-propel drive does not work as expected, repeat the adjustment procedure.



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