Directions for a Troy-Bilt Weed Eater

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Troy-Bilt is an American machine company that produces lawn and garden equipment. Troy-Bilt introduced its first piece of machinery in 1937, which was a rear tine rototiller. Since then, the company has produced an array of lawn mowers, cultivators and weed string trimmers. Troy-Bilt offers a large selection of string trimmers, in both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. These string trimmers are gas powered and can help you you clear your lawn or garden of weeds and overgrowth.


Step 1

Mix the fuel and oil. If your Troy-Bilt string trimmer has a 2-cycle engine, you will need to mix gasoline with 2-cycle oil before you fill the string trimmer tank. Fill a gas can with 1 gallon of gasoline and add a 95 ml (3.2 oz.) bottle of 2-cycle engine oil. Do not pour the gasoline directly into the string trimmer without mixing it with the oil first.

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Step 2

Remove the cap from the string trimmer's gas tank. Pour the gasoline mixture into the tank. Stop once the gas reaches the fill line. Place the cap back on the tank and tighten it.


Step 3

Set the string trimmer upright on the ground.

Step 4

Find the primer bulb located near the back of the engine housing. Push and release the primer bulb 10 times to prime the engine for use. You should see fuel inside both the fuel line and the primer bulb itself. If you do not see any, keep pushing the primer bulb until you do.


Step 5

Slide the blue EZ start lever toward the primer bulb. Push the lever to the left until you hear it lock into place.

Step 6

Kneel down and place one hand on the shaft of the string trimmer just above the throttle. Do not squeeze the throttle until you have started the string trimmer. Grasp the starter rope handle with your other hand. Pull the starter rope several times until the engine starts.


Step 7

Press all the way down on the throttle once the engine has started. Hold the throttle down for 15 seconds to warm the engine. The blue EZ start lever will automatically release itself once you press down on the throttle.

Step 8

Release the throttle and pick up the string trimmer. It is now ready for use.



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