Features of the 036 Pro Stihl Chainsaw

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Stihl, headquartered in Waiblingen, Germany, specializes in consumer and commercial chainsaws. It released the Stihl 036 chainsaw in 2000. This is a consumer chainsaw you can use for trimming or cutting down trees or for maintenance work. Stihl no longer manufactures this chainsaw, but you can still purchase replacement parts from third-party vendors. Always use the proper precautions when operating a chainsaw; wear protective gear and long sleeves.


Air Filter

The Stihl 036 chainsaw comes with an air filter system, which keeps dust and debris from entering the chainsaw and affecting the engine. You can install either fleece or fabric filters in this chainsaw. Fleece filters are good for working in dusty conditions, and the fabric filter is for both winter and normal operating conditions.


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This chainsaw features a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The engine moves at speeds up to 13,500 rpm when in operation, and the idle speed is 2,500 rpm. The engine displacement is 3.75 cubic inches., and this refers to the total volume the pistons can move through the cylinder. The engine stroke is 1.34 inches, and this refers to the total length the pistons can travel within the cylinder. The engine bore (cylinder diameter) is 1.89 inches. The oil tank can hold up to 0.68 pints of oil, and the fuel tank holds up to 1.32 pints. This chainsaw uses a two-stroke engine oil and unleaded gasoline mixture on a 50 to 1 ratio. The chainsaw features a reciprocating oil pump.



The chainsaw is relatively lightweight, weighing only 12.6 lbs. It comes with a kickback bar and a low kickback chain. These items reduce the kickback force, making the chainsaw safer to operate. The chain sprocket for the kickback chain is available with either seven teeth for a 3/8-inch pitch or eight teeth for a 0.325-inch pitch. This chainsaw has a rear and a front D-loop handle, which helps you better control the chainsaw. The D-loop handle also increases user comfort and reduces fatigue from vibrations.



The Stihl 036 chainsaw comes with a two-year emissions warranty. You are guaranteed to receive your chainsaw back within 30 days if it needs repairs. Always keep your proof of purchase to qualify for warranty repairs. This chainsaw comes with a Quickstop chain brake. This brake stops the chain from moving when a major kickback incident occurs.



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