How to Start an Echo 225 Trimmer

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Start any Echo 225 series weed trimmer safely and easily.

The Echo product line of power equipment includes the Echo 225 series string trimmers. They all feature a 21.2-cc engine with reduced-effort starting technology. There are two procedures used to start the engine -- the cold-start procedure which activates the manual choke and the hot-start procedure which does not use the choke. Both of these procedures will safely and easily start any 225 series trimmer.


Step 1

Grasp the handle and slide the stop switch forward to the "on" position.

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Step 2

Slide the choke switch up to the "cold start" or the choke closed position. The switch is located on the engine side next to the air cleaner.

Step 3

Pump the fuel purge bulb several times until you can see fuel flowing through the clear fuel line. Once you notice that fuel is flowing, pump the bulb an additional five times.


Step 4

Lay the trimmer down onto its fuel tank with the starter rope facing outward. Grasp the handle and squeeze the throttle control trigger tightly. This action fully opens the throttle.

Step 5

Grab onto the starter rope and give several quick pulls until the trimmer starts. Once the engine is running, slide the choke lever down to the open position. If the trimmer doesn't start within five pulls, repeat the starting procedure from the beginning.


Step 6

Hot start the trimmer using the same procedure outlined above. The only difference is that you do not close the choke. All of the other steps will apply.

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