How to Start a Cold Lawn Mower

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Whether it is early in the mowing season or late into the fall, you will have to start a cold lawn mower engine, which can be very difficult at times. It is harder to start a cold lawn mower because the engine oil has less viscosity and the carburetor may have stale gas in it. Starting your cold lawn mower takes a few steps, but can easily be done in a few minutes.

Starting a Cold Lawn Mower

Step 1

Disconnect the spark plug cap and unscrew the spark plug from the front of the lawn mower engine.


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Step 2

Brush the tip of the spark plug with the wire brush to remove any carbon and oil debris. Spray the tip with starter fluid. Screw the spark plug back in and replace the spark plug cap.

Step 3

Unscrew the air filter cover on the side of the mower. Scrape off any debris from the air filter with the screwdriver. If the air filter is very dirty, purchase a new one from your local hardware or lawn store. Replace the air filter and screw the cover back on.


Step 4

Press the primer button near the air filter cover three times with you thumb. Take your thumb off and allow the primer button to raise back out. Press the primer button again three times.

Step 5

Start your lawn mower.



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