How to Adjust the Cutting Height of a Reel Mower

More people are turning to push reel mowers to cut their grass. Reel mowers use human power rather than gas or electricity to mow the lawn. Reel mowers are economical and great for the environment. You will need to adjust the cutting height of your reel mower from time to time. This is especially true when you first start using a reel mower. Unlike a power mower, you can eventually cut your grass lower without damaging the lawn.

Reel mowers use human power rather than gas or electricity.

Step 1

Tilt the mower back so that the mower is resting on the handle and the rear roller.

Step 2

Locate the adjusting lever on each wheel. The lever will be between the wheel and the side of the mower. Usually the lever will have a black plastic end.

Step 3

Push the lever toward the mower blades and adjust the lever up or down to adjust the mowing height. Place the opposite wheel lever in the exact position as the first lever.

Step 4

Flip the mower over so that the mower rests on the wheels and the handle with the rear roller in the air.

Step 5

Loosen the knobs on each end of the roller by hand. Adjust the roller up or down to raise or lower the cutting height.

Step 6

Place the knob stems in the same corresponding holes in the mower frame so the roller is even all the way across. Tighten the roller knobs and set the mower back into its working position.