How to Use Dawn to Spray Yard to Kill Fleas

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More people are trying to limit their exposure to chemicals and toxins for a safer and more natural lifestyle. The back-to-nature movement also has people looking for greener ways to maintain their lawn and gardens against pests. For some people, chemical-based pesticides are not an option. Fleas are a big source of irritation for homeowners, especially if they have pets. The fleas can jump from the lawn to the pet and can end up infesting the home. Dawn Dish Washing Liquid is a natural way to control fleas in yards. The soap coats the fleas and kills them. It is easy to use, effective and cheap.


Step 1

Fill garden hose-end sprayer half-way with Dawn Dish Washing Liquid. You will need enough soap to saturate treatment area.

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Step 2

Connect garden hose-end sprayer to outside water facet. Fill the rest of the hose with water.

Step 3

Turn the hose on and spray problem area to saturation. Ground will be sudsy, but suds will subside.

Step 4

Reapply mixture weekly for a month. After that, apply monthly for maintenance.

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