How to Stop Grass from Growing

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Things You'll Need

  • Grass killer

  • Rock salt

  • Newspaper or cardboard

  • Mulch

  • Garden barrier

Stop Grass from Growing

Grass grows and, therefore, it needs to be cut. Some people enjoy watching their grass grow and then getting the mower out to cut it. On the other hand, some people dread getting out in the heat to mow their grass again and again. Maybe you are thinking about turning your yard into just rocks or perhaps grass keeps invading your garden. Whatever the reason, there are ways to stop your grass from growing.


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Step 1

Kill your grass. To clear an area of all grass, you can purchase grass-killing agents sold in garden stores. Follow the directions on the package. Usually it is a ready-to-use spray that kills all vegetation, so be careful around plants and flowers when you apply. You can also spread rock salt (not table salt) all over the unwanted grass. The salt will take the water the grass needs, thereby killing it.

Step 2

Stop grass from growing in gardens. In your garden, place a quarter-inch thick of newspaper or cardboard. You don't need to pull the unwanted grass before doing this. Layer two inches of mulch on top of the newspaper or cardboard. You will have to redo this every year since they will eventually turn into soil.


Step 3

Put an edge around where you don't want grass to grow. Use a garden edger or shovel to dig a small ditch about four to six inches deep and a half-inch wide along the border from where you want grass to grow to where you don't want grass to grow. Place a store-bought barrier that is made of plastic, steel, rubber or aluminum into the ditch.


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