How Often Do I Use Green Green Lucky Bamboo Plant Food?

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Bamboo carries great symbolism in Asian culture, but an actual bamboo plant isn't meant to be grown indoors. Not so with the similar lucky bamboo (​Dracaena sanderiana​, USDA zones 10-11), which isn't a true bamboo plant. This plant's owners learn not only about weaving green stalks into myriad twists and turns but also about the plant's otherwise easy care regimen. Bamboo plant fertilizer such as Green Green lucky bamboo plant food is the only jolt of nutrients the plant needs so it can continue bringing good luck and health to your feng shui home.



Add two to three drops of Green Green lucky bamboo fertilizer per stalk when you change the water on a biweekly basis.

Caring for Lucky Bamboo

Even the least lucky gardener is capable of maintaining a brilliantly green lucky bamboo. You simply use distilled water or rainwater and, if necessary, a drop of your Green Green lucky bamboo plant food when you change its water every two weeks. This plant is sensitive to the salts and chemicals found in tap water, which can cause leaf margins to burn. Since distilled water doesn't contain nutrients, the Green Green bamboo fertilizer, which contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, gives the plant the multivitamin shot it needs for healthy growth.


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When you bring the plant home from the garden center, don't add anything to the water right away. Let the bamboo adjust to its environment, to the water and to the amount of light it's receiving. If the leaves turn yellow, that's your indication that the bamboo has been overfertilized. Change the water frequently and don't fertilize.

Bamboo Fertilization Process

After a year of living in distilled water, the plant's health can be affected. That's when an aid such as the Green Green product is considered by some to be essential for extending the plant's life. Cover the stalks of the bamboo with water to at least 2 inches in depth, and be sure the roots are submerged. Change the water at least every two weeks or when it becomes murky. Give the water the smell test. If you detect an odor, the water is old.


When adding the bamboo plant fertilizer to the water, be sure not to get any on the plant. And follow the directions, because too much fertilizer may destroy your plant. Using two to three drops per shoot should be sufficient, but the plant will tell you if it's too much or too little. Be sure the household temperatures range from the 60s to the high 70s and that the plant is not near a heating vent. Eastern and southeastern light is preferred.


The Truth About Lucky Bamboo

The truth is that a lucky bamboo that's properly cared for doesn't really need added nutrients. The sides of the Green Green plant food bottles indicate necessity and usage. But if the plant is given the right amount of indirect sunlight, is kept in a consistent temperature, is misted during dry periods and turned every few weeks, it will have a long life while bringing health and prosperity to your home.




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