How to Change a Line in a Homelite Electric Weed Eater

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Things You'll Need

  • .065 diameter trimmer line filler spool

  • Scissors

Homelite electric string trimmers, also referred to as weed eaters, are popular choices for home owners with smaller yards. Designed to be used with a length of outdoor electrical extension cord, Homelite weed eaters use nylon cutting line to cut grass and weeds with small diameter stems in the landscape. Changing trimmer line is a necessary part of the routine maintenance required to keep a Homelite weed eater operating properly.

Step 1

Disconnect any extension cords from the Homelite trimmer before beginning work. Position the trimmer on a flat and level surface so the trimmer head is easily accessible.

Step 2

Push in on the side tabs of the spool retainer and pull up to remove it from the trimmer head. Pull the trimmer spool straight out and away from the trimmer head.

Step 3

Remove old line from the spool by unwinding and pulling it free. Cut two 9-foot lengths of .065 diameter trimmer line with a pair of scissors from a trimmer line filler spool.

Step 4

Insert the end of one 9-foot length of line into the upper hole in the side of the spool. Push the line securely into the hole. Hold the spool firmly and wind the line counter clockwise around the spool following the directional arrow on the spool.

Step 5

Clip the line into the retaining flange on the side of the spool to hold it in place. Trim the line so that only 6 inches of the free end of the line extends beyond the retaining flange.

Step 6

Insert one end of the second 9-foot length into the lower hole on the side of the spool. Wrap the line counter clockwise and secure in the flange on the opposite side of the spool.

Step 7

Insert the free ends of the line into the line feeder holes on the sides of the trimmer head. Place the end of one line into each hole and seat the spool in the trimmer head. Align the spool retainer tabs with the holes in the trimmer head and snap it into place. Pull the ends of both strings to release them from the flanges for operation.

Keith Dooley

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