How Do I Remove the Head From a Craftsman Line Trimmer?

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The Craftsman line of tools provides a variety of handyman helpers, including line trimmers. These trimmers use strong nylon cord to cut through grass and weeds, allowing access to hard to reach places like against buildings or fences. Over time, the cutting line wears down, and you must replace the line to return the trimmer to full working order. Some models of Craftsman trimmer require you to remove the head of the trimmer to replace the line or conduct other maintenance, such as cleaning.


Step 1

Deactivate your trimmer and remove it from any power source. Unplug the electrical plug or disconnect your unit's spark plug wire so that the trimmer cannot activate accidentally while you work. Make sure the engine is cool before you start to work.

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Step 2

Turn the trimmer upside down so that the head is facing up toward you. Locate two push tabs, one on each side of the trimmer head cover.


Step 3

Depress each tab at the same time, releasing the head from the rest of the trimmer. Pull the head straight off the trimmer. Depending on your model, a spring may come loose with the head. Store the spring in a safe place while you work so that you do not lose it.



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