The Average Height of a Sewing Table

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A sewing table should be large enough for the machine and fabric.

A well-designed sewing room has three table stations: a sewing table, a cutting table and a pressing table. Each of these stations has its own requirements for the comfort of the sewing person working in that area. Often, both cutting and pressing tables are used while a person is standing and should be taller. Sewing tables are used with the sewing person sitting so that she can operate a foot pedal as well as use both hands at the same time.



When you are planning the height of a sewing table, it is important to consider the primary person using it. Most sewing table heights are based on a person 5 feet 3 inches tall. However, the average ranges from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 3 inches, and of course you may actually be taller than 5 feet 3 inches. The suggested table height for the average 5-foot 3-inch person is around 28 inches. The reason the height is variable is because the table height depends on more than just the person's height.


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Sewing machines for home use have been sold for over 100 years. The majority of these machines have been portable machines that are self-cased. These machines vary in height depending on their design. Few of these machines are under an inch from the table to the sewing surface. This means that the sewing surface or table of your actual sewing machine is based on the height from the table to the foot of the machine, and this can vary up to 4 inches. This means the average sewing table height for a 5-foot 3-inch tall person is 28 inches less the height of the machine-to-table measurement.



Fitting the sewing machine table to an appropriate chair includes the same issues as table height. At minimum, the chair needs to swivel and be able to tuck under the table top surface so that no part of the leg touches the underside of the table. If more than one person is using the sewing table and machine, and they have a disparity of height, determine the best height for the taller person and select a chair that can adjust upward for the shorter person.


Cutting and Ironing

Sewing tables also include cutting and ironing tables. In most cases, the person sewing stands up for both of these activities, so the table heights for each activity is higher than for actual sewing. If an ironing board is used while the sewing person is sitting, then the surface height should be between 24 and 28 inches. If the ironing and cutting tables are used while standing, then the surface should be between 36 and 40 inches tall.



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