The Best Ways to Protect a Table From Water Rings

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It's important to learn how to protect wood tables from water rings.

Furniture adds to the aesthetic appeal of a space and -- especially for tables -- nothing beats the natural look of wood. However, as beautiful as wood tables are, they are also prone to damage, including water rings. To make sure that the wood table maintains its appearance, it's important to care for it properly. There are several ways to protect wood tables from water rings.


Protective Finish

One of the best ways to protect wood table from water rings is to apply a protective finish. Some of the more common types of finishes available include lacquer and varnish. Lacquer usually comes already applied to commercially manufactured furniture. Lacquer is extremely resistant to staining, including water rings. Since it dries fast, several coats may be applied. It is highly recommended that lacquer be applied by spraying. Those who want to apply or add a lacquer finish can purchase low-pressure spray equipment and lacquer solution at hardware stores or home centers. Varnish is a type of coating applied in the same way as paint. Since varnish has a relatively slower drying time, it's important to let it dry and keep it away from dust.


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Polishing and Cleaning Agents

Using polishing and cleaning agents is also a good way to protect and make sure that wood furniture won't have water ring stains on it. Consequently, it's possible to make homemade furniture polish and cleaner. Mix one part lemon oil and 3 parts olive oil for furniture polish. Water and hand soap should be enough to serve as furniture cleaner. These homemade remedies not only eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, they also help save money.


Pads, Coasters and Holders

As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. In the case of wood tables, it's important to prevent water or moisture from coming in contact with the wood table. When serving meals, it's important to use place mats and a tablecloth to protect the table from moisture, food and spills. Hot dishes should be served atop a hot pad. Glasses and mugs should be placed on coasters.



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