How to Get Wooden Drawers Unstuck

The most common reason for a wooden drawer to get stuck is swelling of the wood. Once the wood of the drawer starts to swell, it's possible that it will become too large for the dresser or cabinet and become stuck inside. Sometimes, some powerful pulling and shifting may be enough to get the wooden drawer unstuck. However, if this doesn't do the trick, you might need to try a more innovative and effective technique.

Wooden drawers can become stuck over time.

Step 1

Pull open the drawer as much as you possibly can. Just a few inches can help you get it unstuck.

Step 2

Connect a light bulb to an extension cord and place it inside the drawer.

Step 3

Place the light bulb inside a drawer that is above or below the stuck drawer if you were unable to get it open even a few inches.

Step 4

Plug the extension cord into an electrical outlet to turn on the light bulb within the drawer. Leave it there for about 15 minutes. The heat it produces will relieve the swelling that caused the drawer to become stuck.

Step 5

Remove the light bulb and pull out the drawer. You may need to shake it rapidly from side to side to loosen it up.