What Is the Difference Between a Queen and a Queen Split Mattress?

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If you're ready to replace your mattress and are currently in the market for what's considered a relatively big purchase (and one with a host of implications), you've probably stumbled on queen-size mattresses and split queen mattresses. Considering that these two types of mattresses are the same size, figuring out why you'd buy one over the other can be a real headscratcher.


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Scroll down to learn the difference between a queen mattress and a split queen mattress, and some of the best reasons to buy the latter instead.

What Is a Split Queen Mattress Set?

A queen split mattress, also known as a dual queen mattress, consists of two mattress components, each measuring 30 inches wide by 80 inches long. When placed side by side on a bed frame, the surface area of the queen split mattresses equals that of a standard queen mattress, which, of course, measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. For those that need even more space, split king beds may be an option.


Is a Split Queen The Same as Two Twin Mattresses?

A common misconception among consumers is that two twin mattresses make up a standard queen mattress when placed together—this is not true. Two twin mattresses placed side by side would amount to a mattress surface area measuring 76 inches wide by 75 inches long. So, while they will be wider than a queen mattress by a good bit, they'll also be 5 inches shorter.


How Much Does a Split Queen Mattress Cost?

Sold as two separate mattresses, split queen mattresses are often a bit more expensive than a standard queen. Typically a split queen mattress will run anywhere from $700 to $2,000. Of course, adjustable beds will cost more. Lower-tier models of adjustable beds may start somewhere around $1,000, while upper-tier models can run upwards of $3,000.


Advantages Of a Queen Split Mattress

Having two mattresses in one bed is a flexible arrangement with certain advantages. Couples with differing sleep requirements and anyone tired of dealing with the logistics of moving a queen mattress might want to consider this type of setup. Here's a closer look.


Easy Moving and Delivery

If your home has narrow doors, stairways, halls, or other restricted passageways, a split queen mattress set makes it far easier to maneuver around tight corners, up (or down) staircases, and through low door frames. Each mattress can be carried into the bedroom separately and easily be assembled in place.


Partner Preferences

Having two mattresses on a one-bed frame can provide a more comfortable sleeping experience for couples, too, particularly when each person has a different preference in mattress firmness.

Split queen mattresses can be ordered to accommodate the preferences of both partners.


Adjustable Bed Support

Dual queen mattresses are great for adjustable beds, which further customize your sleep experience and relaxation. Controlled by remote controls, each side of an adjustable bed can move independently of the other. This allows one person to elevate the foot of the bed, for example, while the other can sleep in a flat position. Likewise, one person can raise the head of their side to read or relax, while the other raises their legs for comfort.


Are There Split Queen Box Springs?

There are split queen box springs that pair well with split queen mattresses. However, while a standard queen box spring would work just as well, remember that same as a split queen mattress, a split queen box spring gives you the upper hand when it comes to delivery, transport, and easy maneuverability. Like split queen mattresses, the dual queen box springs measure 30 inches wide by 80 inches long.


Split Queen Bedding

When fully assembled, a split queen bed is the same size as a queen, so ordinary queen-size bedding will fit it. However, if your split queen bed is adjustable, you will need a separate mattress pad and fitted sheet for each mattress to allow each side to be adjusted independently.


Adjustable bed sheet sets typically provide two fitted bottom sheets, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

And finally, for partners who struggle to find the right sleeping temperature, a dual-heated queen mattress pad can also be a great investment. With two remote controls, each person can adjust the temperature settings to their preference without meddling with their partner's comfort.

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