How to Disassemble a Little Tikes Race Car Bed

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The Little Tikes race car bed is a bed built for children by the Little Tikes Company, a manufacturer of toys and kids' furniture. The beds come in two sizes, one for toddler use and the other a twin size, both in the shape of a small racing car. Built for quick assembly on-site, you can disassemble the Little Tikes bed quickly. Once you have taken it apart, you can move the bed and then reassemble where convenient.


Step 1

Lift the mattress and bed-spring from the frame of the bed.

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Step 2

Remove the three planks set in the bottom of the frame that serve as support for the mattress. Slide one end of the planks along the side rail on the bottom of the frame until the planks are at a diagonal and then lift them out of the frame.

Step 3

Flip up the caps covering the four large screws holding the headboard and baseboard of the frame secured. Unscrew the four long screws from the frame. Locate the screws in the center front of the side frame pieces about mid-height from the floor to the top of the frame and at the rear of the side frame pieces slightly under the spoiler shaped section of the frame. Close the cap pieces back onto the screw heads to prevent them from being lost.


Step 4

Remove the four screws holding the headboard and baseboard onto the side frames. Locate the screws along the rails at the bottom of the two boards at the corners connecting the boards with the side frame pieces.

Step 5

Pull the four sides of the frame apart. Begin with a side piece, pulling it away from the headboard and baseboard. Then pull the headboard and baseboard from the remaining side piece.

Step 6

Disassemble the wheels on the sides of the frames. Remove the cap covering the screws holding the wheels in place, and then unscrew the screws in the center of each wheel piece. Remove the screws to remove the wheel and hubcap from the frame, completing the disassembly process.



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