What to Use to Fix a Cut in a Microsuede Sofa?

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Microsuede has the texture and appearance of suede, but is not leather.

Microsuede is a fairly new, knit-blend fabric that is now commonly used for sofas and chairs. The fabric has the texture and appearance of suede, but it is not leather. The fabric is strong and soft and repels crushing and many types of staining. But, any fabric can be cut or torn. When this damage occurs on a sofa or upholstered chair, it should be mended quickly to prevent further damage.


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Neutral color buttonhole thread and needle can be used for mending.

For small cuts and tears under 2 inches long, mend the damage with needle and thread. Clean the area around the cut and trim off any loose threads with scissors. Paint the edges of the cut with no-fray to prevent the fabric from fraying. Select a buttonhole thread in the matching color. Use a curved upholstery needle. Bring the needle up through the fabric 1/4 inch beyond the end of the cut. Allow 1 inch of the thread inside the fabric. Sew four even parallel stitches about 1/8 inch long moving toward the cut. When you reach the cut, bring the needle up 1/8 inch away from the cut on one side. Take the needle into the cut and come up on the other side 1/8 inch away from the cut. Repeat this figure-eight stitch along the length of the cut. Return to four straight stitches after the cut. Knot and tuck your thread end under.



Iron a patch to the underside of the cut.

For larger holes use a patching material. Select a fabric patch that is similar in color to the sofa fabric. Trim along the edges of the opening to remove threads and jagged edges. When possible open the cover through a zipper in the back. Cut the patch 1 inch larger than the cut on all sides. Position the patch on the underside of the couch fabric. Place a sleeve-size ironing board under the patch fabric (or use a small board). Bring the fabric edges together and iron the patch to the back of the fabric.


Fabric Glue

Fabric glue can be used to repair small holes and loose fabric.

For small holes pinch the fabric together and use fabric glue. Apply fabric glue to the holes holding the fabric in position until it is nearly dry. Relax the fabric until it is nearly flat and hold just enough pressure to keep the edges stuck as the glue finishes drying. This can also be used where fabric has separated from the frame. Use a permanent type of fabric glue.


Large Patch

Cut fabric into an interesting shape to applique over larger holes.

Occasionally a seat or arm will have a large damaged spot. Trim around this spot to remove the fabric. Explore the sofa to see if there is any excess fabric on the sofa. Take the fabric sample to the fabric store. It is likely you will not match the fabric exactly. Select a microsuede fabric that complements your sample and buy enough for a few pillows. Cut your new fabric into a flower, star or other interesting shape. Apply fabric adhesive to the back of the cutout with an iron, and iron the patch over the damage. Hand stitch the edges to add a quilted touch and make throw pillows in the same fabric to make the patch look intentional.