How to Fix Broken Wood in a Couch

Regular wear and tear on your couch breaks down the frame. Kids jumping around, animals running across the furniture and other routine use can break the wood pieces in the frame. You might notice the broken wood because the couch feels saggy, or when you sit down, the couch wobbles and shakes. Repairing the broken wood involves getting access to the frame. A layer of padding and fabric typically covers a couch frame.

cream sofa with pillows infront of a window
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A broken frame ruins the look of your couch.

Step 1

Locate the area with the damage. Shake the couch gently, working your way across the top and make note of any wobbling. Feel the broken frame pushing through the fabric or examine where your couch tilts to one side.

Step 2

Remove the fabric surrounding the broken area. Insert the edge of a flathead screwdriver underneath the fabric and lift up until the fabric peels away from the couch. Wiggle a pair of needle-nose pliers under any staples on the fabric, pulling up the staples. Set the fabric to one side, exposing the frame.

Step 3

Measure the length, width and depth of the broken wood piece. Remove any screws or nails holding the wood in place with a Phillips screwdriver and hammer. Cut a new piece of wood to the exact size and shape of the old piece with a wood saw.

Step 4

Lay the old piece of wood on top of the new piece. Drill through the existing holes, marking the location on the new wood for installation. Drill no more than 1/2 inch through the new wood. After marking the location of each hole, discard the old wood.

Step 5

Set the new wood on the couch frame in the exact location of the old piece. Drill through each hole, until you push through the new wood and into the frame. Insert a plastic anchor into each hole. Slide a 2-inch wood screw into each hole and screw into place until the head sits flush with the wood.

Step 6

Cover the repaired wood with the upholstery. Line up the tiny holes from the staples with the original holes in the couch frame. Use a staple gun to firmly attach the fabric back onto the couch.