How to Move a Box Spring That Does Not Fit Upstairs

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Your bed can be one of the biggest hassles when it comes to the moving process: beds are big, box springs can be heavy and the way you got your mattress into your previous home may not work in your new home at all. And while maneuvering a mattress up a flight of stairs can be tricky, it's nowhere near the headache that your box spring might cause, if it refuses to fit up the stairs. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few options to try to get the box spring where it needs to go – though you'll likely want a friend's help to make it all work.


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Cut Wooden Box Springs

If you have a traditional wood-and-spring box spring and have the required tools handy, you can cut the box spring to allow it to fold. To do so, lay the box spring flat and use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the staples securing the top piece of fabric to the box spring. Next, use the same pliers to peel back the side cover – then with a handsaw, cut the wooden slats going down the length of the box spring (don't cut any slats going across the width), lining up the cuts so that the box spring is effectively cut "in half" without being reduced to two pieces. Once done, fold the box spring up, then use ratchet straps to keep the box spring secure until it reaches its destination.


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Split or Folding Box Spring?

If you lack the ability to cut your box spring, you may want to consider purchasing a new box spring or bed frame entirely. Specifically, you'll want to purchase a bed frame that either can be assembled and disassembled as needed, a softer, folding box spring, or a split spring or frame. While a queen size box spring may not fit up your stairs, for example, a split queen box spring can effectively take the shape of a full size frame, which should allow for clearance. These frames can be somewhat expensive, however, and you will need to dispose of your current box spring.


Go Through the Window

If cutting the box spring isn't an option, and you are unwilling to purchase a new base for your bed, there is another possible solution. While it may sound strange and extreme, many box spring crises have been solved by using an alternative entrance. If your home's floor plan allows for it, and the windows are big enough to fit the box spring, it may be easier to open or temporarily remove a window from your box spring's intended room, and get the spring inside through the temporary gap in the wall. Be very careful if attempting this, both when removing your window and when getting your box spring through the space. An upper-level sliding glass door is even better, as you can remove both the door and the fixed panel without much trouble.




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