How to Tie a Mattress to a Truck

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Things You'll Need

  • Rope

  • Tarp


Consider renting a moving truck. This is a safer way to move a mattress and reduces the chance of damage to the mattress or an accident resulting from the mattress sliding out of the truck.


Drive slowly with a mattress in your pickup truck. Consider avoiding highways so you can drive slower. Check often to make sure the mattress is still in place.

Transporting mattresses on the open road can be dangerous and cause accidents if not done properly. When using a truck to move a mattress, care must be taken to ensure that the mattress is protected and also secure. Wind can cause mattresses to blow off a vehicle, and the mattress can also be damaged by debris. Unsecured mattresses can also come free and hit other vehicles on the road.

Closed Truck

Step 1

Cover the mattress with a tarp before placing it in the truck. If you are using a moving truck or truck with a large enclosed storage space, the main concern is protecting the mattress.

Step 2

Place the mattress flat on the truck bed. Ensure that the tarp covers the entire mattress. If you need to stand the mattress up, place it so that it is leaning against one side of the truck.

Step 3

Use rope to secure the mattress to the side of the storage area in the truck. Many moving trucks have wooden rails on the side to allow for tie downs. Tie one end of the rope to a rail near the top of the mattress, run the rope over and under the mattress and tie the other end to a lower rail.

Pickup Truck

Step 1

Cover the mattress with a tarp. To secure the tarp, tie rope around the mattress from top to bottom and from side to side, wrapping around the entire mattress. This will keep the tarp from blowing off.

Step 2

Place the mattress on its side on one side of the pickup truck. This will reduce the air lift that can pull the mattress off the truck. If you have a box spring or another mattress, place it on the other side of the pickup bed to balance the load.

Step 3

Use the tie downs in the pickup truck bed. Connect the rope to the ropes that are wrapped around the mattress tarp. Some trucks have tie downs located on the sides and on the floor of the truck bed. Make sure to connect at least one of these tie downs on each side of the mattress. If possible, run a rope around the mattress and connect it to part of the truck frame underneath the truck going down the outside of the truck. Do this in addition to the tie down connections.

Step 4

Close the pickup truck tailgate if the mattress does not extend past the back edge of the truck bed. If you can not close the tailgate, tie two ropes across the opening to prevent the mattress from sliding out.


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