How to Re-Roll a Memory Foam Mattress

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A memory foam mattress is one way to enhance your bedding. Several retailers offer a memory foam mattresses that promise to create a better sleeping surface. When you want to transport or store your foam mattress, roll it up and put it in the packaging that it came with. Proper storage of your memory foam mattress will allow it to keep its shape and last longer.

Step 1

Take the bedding off of the memory foam mattress and remove it from the bed.


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Step 2

Place the memory foam mattress on the ground. Place the packaging next to the mattress.

Step 3

Kneel down at one end of the mattress with another person holding the other end.

Step 4

Turn the edge nearest you over onto the top of the bedding. Roll the mattress, working your way to the other person.


Step 5

Grab the packaging while the other person holds the rolled mattress in place. Slide one end into the packaging and slide it over the mattress. Secure it with the tie string.



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