How to Make Twin Beds Look Like a Sofa

A twin bed can be made to look and function like a sofa during the day. While the standard length of a three-seat sofa is 76 inches with a 30-inch-deep seat cushion, twin beds have the same approximate length at 75 inches, but have 9 more inches of depth. You can make your bed the right depth for sitting comfort and have it look and function like a sofa with a few simple steps.

A backboard can help your twin bed look and function like a sofa.

Step 1

Remove footboards, headboards and risers. If your bed is on risers, it will be too high and will not look like a sofa.

Step 2

Push the bed against the wall lengthwise. Locating the bed against the wall lengthwise creates a back support and will be the foundation for a backboard, bolsters and cushions, to create the correct sitting depth.

Step 3

Create and mount a backboard. A backboard attached to the wall will provide cushioning for back support and help make the bed look more like a sofa. Cut a 72-inch, or 6-foot, length of plywood to the width of approximately 30 or 36 inches. Cover the backboard with batting and fabric that matches your daybed cover, using a staple gun on the reverse side to attach it. Attach the backboard to the wall with screws.

Step 4

Purchase a pair of foam bolster wedges. The foam bolsters are long, triangular-shaped pieces of foam. They are frequently used on daybeds as back support. Two foam bolsters will rest against the backboard and provide more back support, as well as bring the sitting area forward, making sitting more comfortable.

Step 5

Put on a daybed or Hollywood bed cover set that includes matching bolster covers. A Hollywood bed cover or daybed set is sized to fit a twin bed, at 39 by 75 inches. The set will include a fabric cover that fits snugly over a twin mattress and foundation with the sheets and a blanket underneath. The fabric cover extends all the way to the floor. It has piping on its edges like a bedspread, which helps align it at the edge of the mattress, keeping the cover neatly secured. The cover can be used during the day, then easily removed for sleeping. Put on the covers for the foam bolsters.

Step 6

Add sofa pillows. Sofa pillows are usually square and come in a variety of designs and colors. They will make your twin bed even more comfortable while giving it the distinctive look of a sofa.

Siobhan Egan

Siobhan Egan has edited newspapers and news websites at the Jersey Shore since 1999 and been an attorney since 1994. Her writing has won five statewide awards from the New Jersey Press Association. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Bucknell University and a Juris Doctor from Temple University.